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Receiving Income While Disabled

About Income Received while Receiving Disability Benefits

The process of applying for disability can take months. Working during the application process will most likely result in your application being denied. When you are unable to earn your living while trying to obtain benefits it can be difficult to survive. Accepting assistance from family and friends whether in the form of money, a place to live, food or clothing is completely permissible.

According to the Social Security Administration (SSA):

Social Security has special rules called work incentives that allow you to test your ability to work and still receive monthly Social Security disability benefits. You also can get help with education, rehabilitation and training you need in order to work. If you do take a job or become self-employed, it is important that you tell [the SSA] about it right away. [They] need to know when you start or stop work; and if there are any changes in your job duties, hours of work or rate of pay.

Working while disabled may interfere with your claim. A Sacramento Social Security disability lawyer can help answer any questions about the difference between help from friends and a steady income. It is an important difference as it can affect how you are viewed by the SSA.

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Sometimes people on disability will receive income from other sources, such as pensions or lottery winnings for example. When this happens, it is very important to promptly report the income to the SSA. Your benefits may be affected by this either temporarily for non-recurring income or permanently for recurring income (as in a pension). It is never advisable to fail to report extra income in the hopes that the SSA will not find out about it. This is considered a dishonest practice and most of the time they will find out. You could lose your benefits or have to repay benefits falsely received. Avoid this risk by going directly to a qualified Sacramento SSD attorney.

There are many things to know and understand about the Social Security disability process. We encourage you to obtain information from the SSA office or from their website and study it well. For many, the application process, rejections, appeals, and hearings are more than they can bear while struggling with a disability. If this is the case for you, we want you to know that help is available.

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