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Do's and Don'ts

The Do's and Don'ts of Filing for SSD Benefits

Take Action to Avoid a Denial of a Valid Claim

Do have a practiced lawyer to represent you from your initial filing. Disability Action Advocates only practice SSD and are dedicated to helping people with disabilities secure the benefits that they need. And we have helped thousands of people just like you to get approved throughout the past 20 years.

Don't get discouraged. Although a denial can make for a discouraging situation, there is still hope for getting your benefits. Because the SSA is so swamped with applications, it helps to have someone on your side with knowledge and experience to fight for you.

Do be honest about what you put on your application form. Be prepared and have all of the medical documents that you might need. This is an area that we can really help you with. We will gather all the medical documents that you need.

Don't wait more than 60 days to file an appeal. If you do not, you risk having your application denied. You want to do this rather than just filling a new claim. In this area we can be of great help to you as we follow up on each step of the process and will represent you at a hearing if that is needed. You don't want to panic, if your claim gets denied. If you have someone to represent you, chances are good for you to get approved through an appeal.

Do be proactive about your claim. That means checking the status of your claim at the right times. With our firm on your side, you don't have to worry about missing a deadline or lacking in information. You can trust that with Disability Action Advocates on your side, you will be on top of the claims process.

About to start the claims process? Enlist the help of DAA!

If you are about to start the claims process, or have already started the process but have gotten denied, then enlist the help of a Sacramento Social Security disability attorney from our firm. We exclusively practice Social Security Disability benefits, long term disability, Medicare issues and much more. Our goal is to help deserving individuals procure the benefits that they rightfully deserve. Start the process by contacting us today!