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Expediting Your Hearing

Expediting Your Disability Hearing

Once you have started the procedure of seeking Social Security Disability benefits, your best chance for receiving an award of benefits will occur during the hearing stage of the appeals process. However, every stage of the application and appeals process can have lengthy waiting periods and getting a hearing date may also take time. Having the experience and skill of a Sacramento Social Security Disability attorney from our firm can lead you in the right direction to pursuing an expedited disability hearing.

There are several ways to to qualify for an expedited disability hearing:

  • Dire Need Letter
  • On the Record Review (OTR)
  • Congressional Inquiry

A Dire Need Letter may be sent if the applicant is in danger of losing their place of residence either to eviction or foreclosure, or is in danger of losing access to need medications. This could prompt your hearing date to be scheduled quickly in order to void these emergencies. With an "On the Record Review," your attorney requests the hearing office to review your file or record prior to your hearing date to make a decision that will hopefully eliminate the need to wait for a hearing date to be set. If you contact your congressman and ask for assistance with your case, a congressional inquiry will be launched and in many cases this can speed up the hearing and decision process. In any event, having the proven and knowledgeable assistance of an attorney from DAA can facilitate the process and increase the chances of desired results.

Social Security Disability Attorney Serving Sacramento

The legal professionals at Disability Action Advocates (DAA) have 20 years of experience that we bring to your aid in advocating for our disability claim. With over 1,000 cases won, we understand the complexities and procedures involved and are able to guide you through the legal maze of SSD law. We represent clients in all areas of SSD law including application process, appeals and hearings, expediting your hearing and denial of SSD benefits.