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Why Choose DAA?

Fighting for the Benefits You Deserve

The Social Security Administration (SSA) has limited personnel and resources to handle the huge volume of Social Security disability applications. The statistics show that more than 60% of applications are initially denied. It can be daunting to try to resolve getting the benefits you need, and getting help from a professional is strongly advised. A passionate and dedicated lawyer can help you fully prepare your application and throughout the entire process, including appealing a denial.

How Disability Action Advocates Can Help You

Pursuing Social Security Disability benefits is a complex process with several steps in the procedure. Every submission must be fully documented, and even then a valid claim can be denied. At DAA, we have years of experience in resolving disability claims with the assistance of a highly qualified Social Security disability lawyer. Our concern is getting your claim paid in a timely manner so you can move forward. We offer our services to assist you to:

  1. Reviewing all your medical records and gathering all needed medical information.
  2. Reviewing your Social Security file thoroughly to discover possible weaknesses and determining what is needed to obtain a favorable decision in your case.
  3. Helping you through each step of the process so you will know what to expect and will be prepared.
  4. Reminding you of all doctor appointments you have with SSA doctors.
  5. Representing you with an attorney at appeals and hearings before an Administrative Law Judge.
  6. Appealing your case if appropriate or when needed.

When your claim is approved, the SSA office will send you a letter telling you that your application has been approved and informing you of the amount of your monthly benefits and the effective date. The monthly disability benefits that you receive will be based on your average lifetime earnings, and our office can help answer any questions you may have. If you are receiving other government payments, the amount of Social Security disability benefits that you receive may be affected. You must also notify the SSA office if there is a warrant out for your arrest or if you are convicted of a crime.

Here at Disability Action Advocates, we are proud of the skills and experience that each member of our team has acquired over the years. Attorney John C. Boyden has earned an AV® rating in his field. When you call DAA to assist you, you increase the likelihood that your claim will be paid and that you will get the benefits that you need with the help of a Sacramento Social Security disability lawyer that is recognized for providing clients with the highest degree of professional and ethical standards. To inquire about procuring the services of our firm, call us today!