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Working While Disabled

Working While Disabled & Social Security Benefits

How does working affect my Social Security disability benefits?

Social Security disability is for workers that are unable to work for 12 months or more. If you are able to work and are working at all during the application process or appeals and hearings, your claim will most likely be denied. A committed lawyer from our office can help you understand the process and put our valuable experience to work for you. We understand the problems you might be facing throughout the application process and we have solutions.

If you are on disability and would like to get back to work you may be able to so without losing your benefits or having to re-apply if working is not successful. The Social Security Administration (SSA) wants people to be able to work. Recognizing this, the SSA provides incentives and programs for people to re-enter the workforce while still collecting their benefits. The incentives also allow for continued Medicare and Medicaid while working as well as education, training and rehabilitation to begin a new career. The rules for SSI benefits and Social Security disability benefits are different. For a comprehensive list on the differences between the two disability programs, view the Social Security Administration website.

Obtaining the Necessary Legal Help

The trial work period offered by the SSA allows you to work for at least nine months within a 60-month span in order for you to try out the possibility of returning to work or working in a new career. During this nine-month period you can continue to receive your full benefits no matter how much you are making. There are three important things to remember if you begin working while collecting Social Security disability. The SSA publications state that you must promptly notify the SSA when:

  • You start or stop;
  • Your duties, hours or pay changes, or
  • You start paying expenses for work due to your disability.

Social Security provides valuable benefits to Americans who have worked and paid into the system and now find themselves disabled. Disability Action Advocates has been helping thousands of disabled workers to make their way through the sometimes complex, confusing and frustrating process of applying for benefits or fighting for denied benefits. We would be happy to put our knowledge and valuable experience to work for you. We charge no fee unless we resolve your case.