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How Warrants Can Affect Your Social Security Benefits

Applications for Social Security Disability benefits and SSI benefits have been escalating for many years. This may have something to do with the denial rates on initial applications being over 60%. Many people give up too easily after an initial denial and fail to re-apply or take the next step in the application process.

Additional measures to cut costs may also be a reason the SSA has become industrious in their review of criminal records for those applying for Social Security benefits. A skilled and determined lawyer from our office will be diligent in fighting for and protecting your rights for the benefits you are legally entitled to receive. We encourage you to consult with us and become fully informed of your rights.

Steps to Take to Clear Your Record

There are steps you can take if a warrant in your name is interfering with your ability to successfully apply for benefits or your benefits have been interrupted and you have been ordered to reimburse past benefits. Sometimes these warrants have been incorrectly issued in your name and getting this corrected can solve the problem. We can help you to resolve the problem if you were charged and found not guilty, or if the charges were dismissed or cleared in any way. There are other options that can be pursued if none of these apply.

It can be very disturbing to find that your benefits are being denied or withdrawn because of a warrant. There are many possible options to fight this, depending on the details of the case. At Disability Action Advocates our sole focus is protecting your rights to Social Security benefits. We can provide valuable assistance by reviewing your unique circumstances and then determining the best approach to resolve your case. You can learn more if you contact a Sacramento Social Security Disability attorney from our firm today.