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Benefits Without Health Insurance

Benefits Without Health Insurance

Applying for SSD Benefits without Health Insurance

People with a disability that keeps them from working can also be facing financial hardship. Since they are in this situation of financial hardship, they often do not have medical insurance either. It is these situations that programs like Social Security disability insurance and supplemental security income were created to assist. A Sacramento Social Security disability lawyer can help you with securing an approval on your claim for benefits. America's Disability Advocates has helped thousands of people secure benefits because we fight for you each step of the way.

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Without a source of income and no health insurance, the situation can seem hopeless when facing mounting medical costs. Unfortunately, the Social Security administration is overwhelmed with applications and they deny a majority of claims that are initially filed. You do not need to wait until you get denied, however. We can work with you from your initial filing. The call to our office is free and we do not charge a fee unless your case is won.

We also do not require a letter from your doctor saying that you are disabled. We get to know you personally and make an assessment of your disability to see if you have a case. Then we file all the necessary forms for you and follow through on each step of the way. This means that, if needed, attorney John C. Boyden will take your case before an administrative law judge. We review all your medical information and gather any needed documents. We review your Social Security file to see what weaknesses there might be in order to determine what is needed to obtain a favorable decision for you.