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Should I Hire an Attorney

Benefits to Having an Attorney

The legal representation you choose can make or break your case!

The Social Security Administration (SSA) denies the majority of claims that are initially filed. One possible reason for this is that the SSA is swamped in a backlog of claims. Therefore, your best chance of getting their attention and making it through the process successfully lies with hiring an experienced attorney. At Disability Action Advocates, we have 20 years of experience in helping people with disabilities secure benefits at various stages of the Social Security Disability process. We take the impersonal and frustrating elements out of the picture and we know how to get results.

More than Just a Number with Disability Action Advocates

When you file a claim on your own, you are tossing it into a sea of other applications that the SSA doesn't really have the manpower to handle. The people who work in the SSA offices don't have the time or the inclination to give you any real individual attention. They deny a majority of initial claims which makes it necessary to file an appeal and then in many cases this appeal can also be denied, leaving applicants feeling hopeless.

By having a representative, you will get the personal attention to your situation that you need. Your representative will make sure that everything is done correctly from the start and that all the necessary documents are in order. A representative will know how to follow up and persist with the process in order to get results. This can save you from a long frustrating time and feeling that no one cares.

Having a representative can make the difference in securing benefits from your claim. Call our office today and get your questions answered. Our representatives ate friendly and personable and we don't charge a fee until we win your case.