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Request Job History Summary

Requesting a Job History Summary

Social Security keeps a thorough record of the work history of every individual that works under a Social Security number. You may find it necessary to request a summary from Social Security of your work history. However, like most dealing with the Social Security office, this request can take months. And if there is an error on your request form, you will have to start over and wait several more months.

To avoid any difficulty or delay, it is essential that all paperwork that you submit is done accurately and following proper procedure the first time. A practiced attorney can help you with this paperwork to ensure that you have done everything correctly the first time.

Does it cost anything?

When applying for a detailed list of your earnings over your lifetime, you will be required to pay a fee to the Social Security office. This fee varies, depending on the details you are interested in having listed on your job summary. This can include the names and addresses of former employers, as well as earnings summaries for periods of self-employment.

The request form that you will fill out has a formula for calculating the correct fee to pay the Social Security office. We can help you make sure that you have paid the proper amount for your request, or your request can be held up due to lack of payment. In addition, you may also wish to request a summary of your yearly total earnings. This is a request that costs $15.

Persistent and Passionate Legal Advocates

At Disability Action Advocates, we are dedicated to ensuring that our clients have their forms and requests done properly the first time. You do not have to wait for your request to be rejected by the Social Security office-we can help you fill it out properly the first time. We have 20 years of experience helping our clients with their Social Security Disability cases, as well as all other areas of Social Security benefits, and we are ready to help you with your request as well.