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Grid Eligibility

Social Security and Grid Eligibility

What is meant by Grid Eligibility?

Many people apply for Supplemental Security Income and Social Security Disability benefits through the Social Security Administration. To prevent arbitrary and unfair approval/disapproval of claims, cases are evaluated based on a set of rules regarding medical conditions. In addition to the medical guidelines to determine eligibility, there is another set of rules that focus on age, educational background and work history. This second set of rules is laid out in a table with "grid" columns and so they have come to be known as the "grid rules" or the "grid eligibility" factors. Age, ability to work partially, ability to do work sitting but not standing, and many more factors are in the grid and used by those evaluating your application to determine if you meet the definition of disabled. An educated lawyer is fully familiar with these grids and will be able to help you to understand whether or not you are qualified for Social Security benefits.

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We understand that this can seem very confusing and trying to understand it without professional assistance can be quite frustrating. We encourage you not to give up. If you feel you are entitled to benefits but you keep getting denied, we can help. We will meet with you and review you application and any letters of denial. We can find the possible reasons that you claim was rejected and help you to correct them. Our office charges no fee unless we win your case.

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