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Disability for Children

Disability Benefits for Children

Children would get benefits from SSI (supplemental security income,) since this is a needs-based program and not tied to previous work history. Having a qualified attorney can be instrumental in helping you secure benefits for a child. We have helped literally thousands of people with disabilities to secure benefits here at Disability Action Advocates. We fight for you each step of the way from the initial filing. We do not charge a fee until your case is won and we do not require a letter from your doctor saying that you are disabled. You can call us for free and we will make an assessment of your situation and let you know if you have a case. The following are the criteria that children must meet in order to qualify for SSI.

According to the Social Security Administration (SSA),

Your child must meet all of the following requirements to be considered disabled and therefore eligible for SSI: The child must not be working and earning more than $1,010 a month in 2012. (This earnings amount usually changes every year.) If he or she is working and earning that much money, we will find that your child is not disabled. The child must have a physical or mental condition, or a combination of conditions, that results in “marked and severe functional limitations.” This means that the condition(s) must very seriously limit your child’s activities. The child’s condition(s) must have been disabling, or be expected to be disabling, for at least 12 months; or must be expected to result in death.

Can children qualify for SSD benefits?

SSI is funded from general taxes and not Social Security taxes so it is not connected to past work history. Rather, the SSA looks at available income and also if the medical condition meets their criteria for being disabled. For especially severe conditions, the SSA has a program called the compassionate allowance that will expedite the claim process.

It is true that a majority of claims get denied and the filing process can be very lengthy. Many people who have gotten approval have done so by having a representative work with them from the initial filing. We make sure that everything is in order and we gather all needed medical records for you. If necessary, our lead attorney John C. Boyden will take your case before an administrative law judge hearing. In short, we fight for you and persist until we get results. Don't wait until you get denied. Let us work with you from your initial filing. We can make the difference for you in getting your claim approved.