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Disability Hearing

Information on Disability Hearings

If you have filed a Social Security Disability claim and have had both the initial application and the Reconsideration appeal denied, your next step will be to request a disability hearing. Although this is the level at which the success rate of claims being approval is the highest, the importance of being properly prepared cannot be overstated. Having the representation of a proven and knowledgeable lawyer from our organization can make a profound difference in the outcome of your case.

What to Include in Your Testimony

Knowing what to expect at your disability hearing is an important step in preparing for your hearing. This will be your first opportunity to have a face-to-face meeting concerning your claim and an opportunity for a judge to meet you, get to know the particulars of your case and to call expert witness in an effort to better understand your vocational and medical circumstances. The hearing room will be a small informal setting with a table for everyone to sit around. In addition to the judge, his assistant, your attorney and you there may also be a vocational or medical expert witness. Your testimony will include:

  • Your personal background information
  • You vocational information
  • Your medical information

During your testimony it is important to be truthful and specific. Practice what you will say in order to make certain that you do not miss anything important. Also, bring any medications that you are currently taking as the judge may want to see them. When the expert witnesses give their testimony your attorney will then have an opportunity to cross examine them. Once the hearing is completed you can expect to receive a written decision in about 4-6 weeks. Our experienced legal professionals can assist you in all areas of your claim including the preparation and testimony concerning your hearing.

Proper Investigations Regarding Disablity Cases

At Disability Action Advocates we make it our number one priority to explore every detail of your case to make sure you are well prepared for your hearing. We will work hard and devote all of our experience and resources in helping you pursue the results you desire. We have 20 years of experience and 1,000 cases won in representing our clients with their Social Security Disability legal pursuits including application process, denied SSD benefits, appeals and hearings and claim waiting times. To learn more about the disability hearing, visit the Social Security Administration's website. If you are ready to receive quality legal help for your disability hearing, contact our firm today.