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Compassionate Allowance Program

The Compassionate Allowance Program

As there is such a huge backlog of applications for SSD benefits, processing them can take months or years. Partially due to the long waiting period, many applicants may have their claims denied which then would require moving forward with the appeals process. To address this issue, the SSA (Social Security Administration) created the Compassionate Allowance Program. This program identifies particular medical conditions that are severe enough to warrant an expediting of the SSD benefits application. To learn in more detail about the SSA's Compassionate Allowances, visit their website.

A practiced Social Security Disability attorney from our firm can let you know if your medical condition qualifies for the Compassionate Allowance Program and also represent you in your initial filing. The SSA denies over 60% of all applications for SSD benefits, so having us represent you can greatly improve your chances of securing benefits. With 20 years of experience in this area we know how to get results.

Get Help from the Start

The Compassionate Allowance Program was created in 2008 and provided an expedition of processing for 165 qualifying medical conditions The list of medical conditions was expanded in 2010 and 2012 (it originally began with 50 conditions). The medical conditions listed are those that have been deemed very severe and warrant a speeding up of application process that may reduce the length of time to a matter of weeks. The medical conditions listed cover many conditions such as acute leukemia, types of cancer, Aortic Atresia and many others.

We have helped thousands to secure benefits. We can help you from your initial filing and we do not require a letter from your doctor saying you are disabled. By having us represent you from your initial filing, you may be able to avoid snarl ups that can cause long delays or disapprovals. The application process is an exacting process and not knowing what you are doing may only cause long delays or getting denied.