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Checking the Status of Your Claim

Checking the Status of Your Claim

Sacramento Social Security Disability Lawyer: Your Claim Status

You can check on the status of your claim by calling the Social Security office where your claim was filed. You will want to check soon after you have filed (we suggest at least a month after filing) to be sure everything was received and if a decision is past due. It does not hurt to check every few days. A Sacramento social security disability attorney from DAA can file your claim for you and will check on the status of your claim as well. Disability Action Advocates takes care of each step in the filing and application process in order to ensure that you get your deserved benefits when you need them.

Making the Application Process Smoother and Easier

The Social Security Administration (SSA) is overwhelmed with a backlog of applications and the process can take a long time. It is important to check with the SSA and ask if anything else is needed. When paperwork or a medical document is missing, this can just cause further delays. This is one reason why people have someone from our office to represent them from their initial filing; with our experience, we will make sure that everything is in order from the start. When you check on the status of your claim, you can also ask about when you can expect a decision. Again, many people find dealing with a government office frustrating and would rather have us deal with all the communication to the SSA. With the people working in the SSA buried under a huge backlog of applications, the response tends to be non-personal and they do, in fact, deny most of the claims that come in. Because of our experience in this field, we know how to get results.