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America's Disability Advocates

America's Disability Advocates

Working with Disability Claims for Nearly 20 Years

Disability Action Advocates is a dedicated team of specialists that have helped thousands and thousands of people with disabilities to secure the benefits they need for the past 20 years. Many people much like yourself have gotten their applications and claims approved by having an experienced lawyer to represent them. Our team of attorneys guides you through the complicated process of filing your claim. If you have been denied, our team can take over and see your claim through to the end. Attorney John C. Boyden can even take your case to an administrative law Judge hearing if that is what is needed.

There is no fee unless your case is won.

You can make a free call to us at 888-457-3597 and we can go over your physical and/or mental illness to see if you have a claim that we can assist you with. You will not need a doctor's note saying you are disabled before we take your case. Another reason you should call us is that you might have heard that you have to have been disabled for a year before you can apply. This is not true and you should call us if you are unable to work for any reason to see if you have a claim. Some people also think that they cannot get benefits if they are working part time but we often work with getting benefits for people in this category.

We try to be creative and look for closed period cases as well. This means you might have had a time when you were not working but are back to work now. We can go back and get those benefits for that time you weren't working. The bottom line is we will fight for you every step of the way. The Social Security administration denies the majority of claims it gets, but we can help even then. Getting your deserved benefits often rests upon the quality of the help that you receive. If you reside in the Sacramento area and are in need of a strong advocate for your SSD issue, please consider contacting our firm today!