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Expedite Your SSDI Filing Through the Compassionate Allowance Program

Expedite Your SSDI Filing Through the Compassionate Allowance Program

Posted By Disability Action Advocates || 7-Jun-2016

When an individual becomes seriously injured or ill and is no longer able to work, they may be able to apply for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits. These benefits provide disabled persons with invaluable financial assistance for basic expenses and necessities. Unfortunately, the Social Security Administration (SSA) has become considerably backlogged with applications for SSDI benefits, making the approval process a lengthy endeavor that can take months if not years without the assistance of a skilled SSDI attorney. For many individuals with debilitating conditions who rely on these benefits to stay afloat, a delay of this magnitude is simply not an option.

To accommodate for these types of situations, the SSA created the Compassionate Allowance Program. Also commonly referred to as the CAL program, the Compassionate Allowance Program established a list of more than 100 different diseases and medical conditions that are considered “obviously debilitating” based on minimal objective medical information. In other words, individuals with qualifying conditions listed in the CAL program can be identified by the SSA as being undeniably qualified for benefits, therefore allowing them to have their application expedited.

The CAL program lists a wide range of different illnesses and medical conditions, including:

  • Multiple forms of cancer
  • Batten disease
  • Canavan disease
  • Multiple forms of dementia
  • Muscular dystrophy

Since the list of approved diseases is constantly being updated with new conditions, it is important not to assume that a specific condition will not be approved just because it is not currently listed. It is not uncommon for certain debilitating diseases to be added during or after a person’s SSDI application review.

If you suffer from a disease or medical condition you believe should qualify you for an expedited SSDI application under the CAL program, it is vital you get in touch with a highly-trained Sacramento SSDI attorney from Disability Action Advocates. Having helped countless disabled individuals receive their entitled benefits over more than 20 years of legal practice, we can handle your filing with ease and handle any disputes that may arise on your behalf.

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