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Social Security Disability Blog

  • Overview of Social Security Benefits in 2017

    Posted By Disability Action Advocates || 4-Jan-2017

    Who Is Eligible for Benefits? If you are over 62, you probably have questions regarding Social Security and your eligibility to receive benefits. There are many factors that should be taken into consideration, and determining if you can receive payments or medical assistance can be tricky. At Disability Action Advocates, we gladly assist senior citizens, their family members, and individuals with ...
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  • Woman Loses SSD Benefits after Accepting Crowd Sourced Donations

    Posted By Disability Action Advocates || 14-Dec-2016

    If you are one of the millions of Americans who count on Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits each month, you know how critical they can be in covering the basic necessities. This can be especially true when SSD benefits are a person’s only source of income. Unfortunately, the Social Security Administration (SSA) is not known for their leniency when it comes to enforcing program ...
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  • Veterans & Social Security Disability: What You Need to Know

    Posted By Disability Action Advocates || 4-Nov-2016

    As a veteran, you have made sacrifices in service to our country and you deserve access to every benefit you have earned. If you suffered an injury which caused permanent disability as a result of military service, you may be able to collect disability benefits through the Department of Veteran’s Affairs and Social Security Disability (SSD). However, the process for securing compensation can ...
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  • How Disability and Retirement Benefits May Affect Your Spouse's Social Security

    Posted By Disability Action Advocates || 11-Oct-2016

    When a recipient of Social Security Disability benefits reaches his or her full retirement age (FRA), disability benefits are converted to retirement packages. While this may make little difference to the amount received by the primary benefactor, it can greatly affect the total value of spousal and survivor benefits. Last year’s update to Social Security law may force those receiving ...
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  • Can I Lose My Disability Benefits?

    Posted By Disability Action Advocates || 15-Sep-2016

    The process of applying for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits can be tremendously complicated. However, once you have begun to receive payments through Social Security Disability Insurance, do not make the mistake of assuming that they are automatically yours forever. While many people will go on to receive a monthly check without interruption, a change in the circumstances for which you ...
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  • Five Intriguing Facts about Social Security

    Posted By Disability Action Advocates || 15-Aug-2016

    As most Americans will collect social security benefits during their lifetime, it is safe to say that the program has become an integral part of our society. Despite its impact, many people do not know about the program’s past. Although social security may not sound like the most exciting topic, its history is full of interesting figures, statistics, and trivia. Below are five social ...
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  • Understanding How Grid Eligibility is Determined

    Posted By Disability Action Advocates || 8-Jul-2016

    If you have a physical disability, are approaching retirement age, and are no longer able to work, you may qualify for Social Security disability (SSD) benefits through grid eligibility. “Grid rules”, also known as medical-vocational guidelines, are used by the Social security administration to determine cases of disability that cannot be decided solely by a person’s medical ...
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  • Expedite Your SSDI Filing Through the Compassionate Allowance Program

    Posted By Disability Action Advocates || 7-Jun-2016

    When an individual becomes seriously injured or ill and is no longer able to work, they may be able to apply for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits. These benefits provide disabled persons with invaluable financial assistance for basic expenses and necessities. Unfortunately, the Social Security Administration (SSA) has become considerably backlogged with applications for SSDI ...
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  • SSDI Claims for Vision and Hearing Loss

    Posted By Disability Action Advocates || 10-May-2016

    Have you lost your vision or hearing and are unable to work as a result? Depending on the extent of your sensory loss, you may able to file for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits. While many people erroneously assume that SSDI benefits are reserved only for individuals who become injured or ill, individuals who are prevented from working due to a loss of their senses can also be ...
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  • Do Social Security Disability Benefits Adjust for Inflation?

    Posted By Disability Action Advocates || 13-Apr-2016

    For the most part, the price of living in America goes up almost every year as a result of rising inflation and increased taxation. While the average Joe typically doesn't notice an increase in the price of a pack of gum by a few cents from year to year, these increases in the cost of living can snowball and create a truly dire financial situation for those who rely on SSDI benefits to get by. ...
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  • What is the Difference Between Medicare and Medi-Cal?

    Posted By Disability Action Advocates || 2-Mar-2016

    Medicare and Medi-Cal are two different government benefit programs that help Americans cover the cost of healthcare. While these two programs share many similarities, they each have different benefits, enrollment requirements, and costs. Medicare vs. Medi-Cal Medicare is a federal health insurance program that is offered to Americans age 65 or older and certain young people who are disabled or ...
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  • Can I Return to Work and Still Receive SSDI Payments?

    Posted By Disability Action Advocates || 1-Feb-2016

    Do you receive Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits but wish to return to work? Many people are hesitant to return to work out of fear that their SSDI payments will cease. This is not the case! In many situations, disabled people are allowed to return to work and earn a living while still maintaining their deserved benefits. The Trial Work Period (TWP) The Social Security ...
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  • Do I Need to Hire an Attorney for my SSD Claim?

    Posted By Disability Action Advocates || 7-Jan-2016

    For those afflicted with a debilitating injury or disease, the last thing they need is the frustration and complexity associated legal process of seeking Social Security Disability (SSD) or Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). Litigation, legal terminology and complex bureaucratic red-tape can make this process a real headache, especially when considering the nearly 60% denial rate of ...
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  • Common Conditions That Warrant SSD Benefits

    Posted By Disability Action Advocates || 2-Dec-2015

    While a majority of people know that Social Security disability (SSD) benefits exist, not many are aware of what conditions are covered under this privilege. Contrary to popular belief, federal compensation is not solely reserved for amputees and accident victims. In fact, compensation is available for an extensive collection of afflictions, provided that certain requirements are met. Anyone with ...
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  • What You Should Know When Filing for SSD Benefits

    Posted By Disability Action Advocates || 6-Nov-2015

    Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits exist to take care of hard-working Americans after they have been injured while performing their regular and expected duties on-the-job. Typically, eligibility into SSD benefits rests upon how many years of work someone performed in recent years. If you are eligible and have been hurt at the workplace, you might be eager to apply for the care and benefits ...
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